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Charlie Daniels and Hermain Cain: Two Great Americans Who Exemplified the Values Our Nation Cannot Let Die

This summer has seen the heart-wrenching demise of two great figures; legendary musician Charlie Daniels and entrepreneur and conservative powerhouse, Hermain Cain.   There were both notable differences and similarities between these two men, but both were inspiring examples of driven, faithful, principled men who exemplified the American dream, and the American spirit.   Their...

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Pence: “You Don’t Give up Your Constitutional Liberties, Even in a Pandemic”

Vice President Mike Pence threw a direct swing at overreaching COVID-19 restrictions earlier this week.   While in Florida for a pro-life event with the Susan B Anthony List, Pence told CBN News’ David Brody that safety measures should never come at the expense of constitutional rights.   “Our nation has been through a very challenging time and...

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Demanding Reciprocity from China’s Communist Party

In this episode of American Thought Leaders, Epoch Times sits down with Dr. Dave Brat, dean of Liberty University’s School of Business and former U.S. Representative for Virginia’s 7th District, to discuss the populist revolutions occurring in America, the threat of communist China, and the importance of demanding reciprocity from the Chinese Communist Party. We...

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John MacArthur to Receive Prestigious Legal Counsel After Defying California’s Oppressive Edict on Church Gatherings

California Pastor John MacArthur has received threats of fines or greater legal action after he defied Governor Newsom’s restrictions on Church gatherings.   Now the Grace Community Church pastor is receiving special legal counsel from the prestigious Thomas Moore Society.   Attorneys Jenna Ellis and Charles LiMandri will work with MacArthur as he navigates the...

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Herman Cain Never Considered Himself a Victim

Herman Cain (1945–2020) knew what it was like to grow up poor and black in the United States. He grew up in an era where separate facilities for blacks and whites were a daily reminder of the status of black people.   Cain, a presidential candidate in 2012 and much more, died as the result...

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Supreme Court rules Nevada can impose tighter restrictions on churches than casinos

On July 24, the Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that Nevada can impose tighter restrictions on churches than on casinos. This decision came after Chief Justice John Roberts joined the four dissenting justices appointed by Democratic presidents. The five dissenting justices in the majority did not elect to explain their decision.   The court issued a...

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Trump awards $35 Million to help human trafficking victims

The Trump administration is granting $35 million to the DOJ in efforts to advance recovery efforts for victims of human trafficking.   The funds will be distributed from the DOJ to organizations that house and help rescued victims.   Ivanka Trump tweeted the news this morning:   “Today the @JusticeDept and I are announcing $35M...

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Pro-Life Activist Talks Woman Out Of Abortion, Now She’s Hosting Her Baby Shower

A mother who almost aborted her child is now having her baby shower thrown by the very pro-life activists who convinced her to save her child.   The mother, who will remain anonymous, will be giving birth to a boy.   Elizabeth Johnston, known as “The Activist Mommy,” was ministering outside Preferred Woman’s Health Center...

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The Comfort Felt By Herman Cain’s Friends and Loved Ones Reminds Us Why We Need Faith

When a political firebrand passes, it is inevitable that their personal politics will come into the spotlight as the tributes pour in.   However, at the news of the death of Herman Cain, entrepreneur, presidential candidate, associate minister, and NAVY rocket scientist, it seemed that many who loved and knew him were thinking more about...

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Senator Blackburn: Freedom is Freedom’s Cause

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tennessee) is addressing the question, “what are we going to do about China?”   In a fiery delivery at the Falkirk Center’s Freedom Summit, Blackburn compared the communist ideologies of China to pantomimes throughout America today.   “The same Marxist philosophies used by the Chinese Communist Party are filling the streets of...

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