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China arrests the last of Hong Kong’s high-profile pro-democracy advocates and further tightens its grip on power

  On Sunday, 47 leaders and pro-democracy activists were charged under China’s controversial National Security Law, leading to protests in support of those charged or to champion the pro-democracy cause.   Quick Facts   About 100 people have been arrested under the National Security Law passed in 2019, but few had been charged. On Sunday,...

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Biden administration removes support for high school girls’ lawsuit seeking to ban transgenders from athletic competition

  Three Connecticut female track athletes had gained the support of the Trump Department of Justice in their lawsuit to ban biological males from competing against girls in athletic competitions, but the Biden administration has since removed that support.   Quick Facts   Three Connecticut female track athletes filed suit against state and local education...

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Southwest Flight Crew Finds Navy Sailor’s Wallet, Adds $100 Before Mailing Back

  Kindness is not dead. This reminder is becoming more imperative as stories of conflict and hate saturate the media cycle.   So, I’m going to borrow a page from John Krasinski’s book and shine some good news into what has become a dark realm of anger and misinformation.   “Excuse me, I don’t mean...

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Conservative Methodists are taking quick action to split from their liberal counterparts

  As the official split between conservative and liberal Methodists continues to drag on, conservatives went ahead and released plans for a new denomination called the Global Methodist Church, which will not recognize same-sex marriage.   Quick Facts   The United Methodist Church (UMC) has long been expected to split along ideological lines, but the...

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Professor at Jesuit university suspended for anonymously criticizing reparations

  Gregory Manco, a math professor at St. Joseph’s University, has been suspended for criticizing racial reparations on his private and anonymous Twitter account, continuing a disturbing trend of universities silencing any disagreement over issues relating to race.   Quick Facts   Manco was placed on paid leave after students complained that his tweets, made...

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Jailed Canadian Pastor’s Wife Talks Details of Arrest

  Erin Coates, wife of Canadian pastor James Coates, who was arrested in February for continuing to hold services in violation of COVID-19 restrictions, has come out publicly to say that her husband is obeying what God has called him to do and that God is in control of their situation.   Quick Facts  ...

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House votes to pass the Equality Act, legislation that would severely endanger religious liberty

    The U.S. House of Representatives has voted and passed the controversial Equality Act on Thursday, Feb. 14. Proponents of the law claim that it is needed to prevent discrimination against LGBTQ people, while critics claim the law will be a dangerous infringement on religious liberty and women’s rights.   For a detailed discussion...

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The Biden administration withdrew a Trump-era order to track China’s influence on U.S. universities. Here’s why it matters.

    The Biden administration has quietly withdrawn a pending executive order from former President Donald Trump to track the influence of the Chinese Communist Party-linked Confucius Institute at universities and colleges across the U.S., which many are concerned will pave the way for further influence in these institutions from this major global adversary.  ...

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Georgia governor introduces the “Faith Protection Act” to limit emergency gubernatorial powers

    Gov. Brian Kemp, R, last week introduced the “Faith Protection Act” last week, which would prevent Georgia governors from using their emergency powers to place limits on religious gatherings.   Quick Facts   Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp cited the action of other states that sharply restricted worship as the motivation behind his proposed...

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Biden’s foreign funding for abortion puts him at odds with pro-life Africans

    President Joe Biden’s commitment to restart federal funding to abortion centers overseas and commitment to codify Roe v. Wade are not being received well by Africa’s formidable pro-life and Christian communities.   Quick Facts   During his presidency, Donald Trump had reinstated the Mexico City Policy, depriving international abortion providers of billions of...

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