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“Squad” member voices support for eradication of Israeli state

  For conservatives, many things about the “Squad” are concerning: the anti-American rhetoric, the support for socialism, the radical environmentalism. However, what I find most troubling is their disdain for our greatest ally, Israel.   Take Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. On Sunday, she retweeted a message containing a phrase that has long been...

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Gorsuch writes a scathing rebuke of Gov. Cuomo’s COVID restrictions as Supreme Court rules in favor of religious liberty

  The United States Supreme Court has ruled in favor of religious liberty and against unfair applications of alleged safety precautions.   At a glance:   The Supreme Court has blocked a COVID-19-related executive order (EO) implemented by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. The EO unfairly applied gathering restrictions to houses of worship by significantly...

6 days ago

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Our Muhlenberg Moment: Calling Virginia Pastors Together to Pray and Plan

Our Muhlenberg Moment   From a pulpit in Woodstock, VA on January 21, 1776, Rev. John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg said, “There is a time for war and a time for peace and now is the time to fight.”  This pastor/patriot called men in his congregation to stand up for freedom and resist tyranny by joining...

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Newly elected GOP congresswoman knows too well the misery of socialism

  “I grew up in [a] socialistic country…. I saw what happens when it runs out of money, and it’s not pretty.” That’s what newly elected Republican Congresswoman Victoria Spartz, who grew up in the Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet bloc, recently said in an interview on Fox & Friends. The...

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Louisiana voters affirm that abortion is not a constitutional right

  Quick Facts: Louisiana Amendment 1 was on the ballot in Louisiana on Nov. 3. Amendment 1 states that there is no right to an abortion in the Louisiana Constitution. Voters approved the amendment by a large margin. If Roe v. Wade is ever reversed, Louisiana could pass laws banning abortion.   With a national...

4 weeks ago

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Standpoint Theory: Is truth a matter of perspective?

  Balthasar Hubmaier, an influential German Anabaptist leader once said, “Truth is immortal,” but many on the Left believe that truth is a matter of perspective.   This is an underlying tenet of standpoint theory, which essentially holds that the more marginalized someone is, the greater their ability to recognize and communicate truth. Although this...

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Governor Newsom paves the way for reparations in California

Gov. Newsom, D-Calif., has signed legislation that aims to provide reparations to black communities.   The bill, AB3121, signed into law on Sept. 30, will create a nine-person task force to make recommendations on what reparations should be awarded. Fox News reported that the group can also recommend that the state issue a formal apology...

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Christians don’t fit in a political party, but they do fit with political issues

An article resurfaced recently voicing the popular argument that Christians don’t fit in a two-party system. Proponents of this argument say that the Church should not tie itself to one political party because Christianity does not agree with the complete platform of either party. They also claim that when the Church affiliates itself with a...

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Capitol Hill Baptist Church sues D.C. mayor for discriminatory COVID regulations

Capitol Hill Baptist Church is suing Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser for unfairly applying a 100-person limit on outside gatherings.   Bowser’s policy restricts outside church gatherings to 100 people, even with suggested social distancing standards. However, mass protests of tens of thousands, without proper social distancing standards, are not only acceptable but worthy of...

2 months ago

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Prayer March 2020: Graham’s response to a troubled America

“America is in trouble. Our communities are hurting, our people are divided, and there’s fear and uncertainty all around us. Let’s join together and do the most important thing: pray!”–Franklin Graham   Franklin Graham will be leading a Prayer March in Washington D.C. on Saturday, September 26th from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m.   The...

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