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The First Amendment was written not to keep the church out of the government, but rather to keep the government out of the church. To that end, we fight for the freedom to speak the Truth without consequence, live by our Christian beliefs without persecution, and raise our families without government intrusion.

Chinese Christian megachurch homeschool raided by police officers, government officials

  A Chinese megachurch homeschool was raided by authorities last week in Chengdu city in the Chinese province of Sichuan. This is only the latest disturbing incident in the Chinese government’s ongoing crackdown on Christian institutions.   Quick Facts A Facebook page for Early Rain Covenant Church shared that a home where children of church...

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Judge dismisses charges against deacon who was arrested for attending a “Psalm Sing” without a mask

Gabriel Rench,  a pastor who was arrested last year for singing praise music outside, has been exonerated.   Quick Facts Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, held an outdoor “Psalm Sing” in the Moscow City Hall parking lot on September 23, 2020. Deacon Gabriel Rench and two other people were arrested for not wearing masks. A...

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Report: Huge increase in number of Christians killed for their faith in 2020, driven in part to COVID-19 lockdowns

  Open Doors, an organization that tracks religious persecution, found in its annual report that there was a 60 percent increase in the number of Christians killed for their faith in 2020. This is due in large part to a dramatic increase in violence against Christians in Nigeria, where the organization claims COVID-19 lockdowns played...

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With Democrats controlling the White House and Congress, what happens now?

  Since the Georgia election and subsequent electoral certifications on Capitol Hill, the Biden administration will officially see a unified government, referring to the White House’s party holding bicameral majorities. This has raised concern for many conservatives — but how much of this concern is merited?   Quick Glance Democrats now control the House with...

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The Equality Act: What it is, what it will do, and why everyone should be alarmed

  Joe Biden has made the “Equality Act” a key part of his agenda for his first 100 days in office. The act, which has the support of nearly every Senate and House Democrat, claims to prevent discrimination against LGBTQ people, but many on the right and some on the left warn that the act...

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Democrat who will head House Appropriations Committee wants taxpayers to fund abortion

  Rep. Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn., said that this is “the last year” for the Hyde Amendment, which sharply limits taxpayer funding of abortion. DeLauro will head the House Appropriations Committee in January and will seek to eliminate the amendment.   Quick Facts   The Hyde Amendment prevents most taxpayer funding of abortion. The amendment is...

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Texas pastor and religious freedom proponent threatened and harassed by the Chinese Communist Party — in Texas

  Chinese dissident and pastor Bob Fu recently had to be placed in protective custody after receiving threats against his life and a mob of protestors lined up in front of his home accusing him of membership in the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Fu is now back at home and continuing his work of exposing...

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The specter of radical Islam threatens the Nigeria Church

  The Nigerian Church is under serious attack from radical Islamist groups, especially the Boko Haram terrorist group. To have a proper understanding of the conflict, one must note that this is part of a larger threat from radical Islam that is far from fading away. America’s so-called ally Saudi Arabia is the great promoter...

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Virginia faith leaders urge governor not to enforce the ‘Virginia Values Act’

  Religious organizations and ministries recently sent a letter to Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam and the Virginia General Assembly imploring them not to enforce the “Virginia Values Act.” The legislation, which took effect on July 1, 2020, would require churches and other religious organizations to hire people who do not share their beliefs.   Quick...

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Christian Citizenship: The Imperative Influence of the Church Raising the Generation of Tomorrow

  Good citizens are vital to the health and growth of a community. If we want our communities to continue flourishing in the long term, we must raise the next generation to be good citizens. Christians have the added opportunity of discipling the next generation to be good citizens of not only their earthly communities...

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