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The First Amendment was written not to keep the church out of the government, but rather to keep the government out of the church. To that end, we fight for the freedom to speak the Truth without consequence, live by our Christian beliefs without persecution, and raise our families without government intrusion.

Religious Accommodations and the Common Good

This article was published on October 26, 2015 on Heritage Foundation by Mark David Hall   America has a long history of accommodating citizens who find their religious convictions at odds with government regulations and mandates. Starting in the colonial era, legislators, statesmen, and jurists have crafted accommodations to protect people of faith from neutral,...

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Did America Have a Christian Founding?

Originally published on June 7, 2011 by Mark David Hall on Heritage Foundation.   Abstract: Did America have a Christian Founding? This disputed question, far from being only of historical interest, has important implications for how we conceive of the role of religion in the American republic. Mark David Hall begins by considering two popular...

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How 190 Judge appointees could help save America

Christians like myself sincerely care about America’s deeply rooted tradition of religious liberty, including the right to worship God in alignment with our respective beliefs, to practice those beliefs, and to keep our church organizations tax-exempt and prevent government interference. Part of the way Christians make a footprint in the political sphere regarding religious liberty...

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Why no serious Christian can support socialism

After losing by the narrowest margin in the Iowa caucus, Bernie Sanders has come back with a victory in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary. This victory settles Bernie — and by default his outspoken socialist ideologies — as a main contender for the party’s nomination.   We now have to ask ourselves, what should we think...

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