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Providing for the “common defense” is one of the primary purposes of our nation’s Constitution. Accordingly, the elements that we must protect and preserve involve matters related to both our national and personal defense. To this end, we align with and promote laws and doctrine that ultimate lead to continued freedom.

The Defund The Police Movement Has A Surprising Silver Lining: A Renewed Interest In Self-Defense

The movement to “defund” the police has developed something of a silver lining—if you can call it that.   According to the FBI, background checks for the purpose of firearms purchases reached a staggering 3.9 million in the month of June—the highest monthly total seen since the bureau’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System was...

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The Racist Institution of American Gun Control

When you think of an American gun owner, what does that person look like?   If you ask a liberal, their mind might conjure up a white, Confederate flag-waving redneck, quite likely with white supremacist leanings—not unlike the men who ambushed and murdered Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia back in February.   And, honestly, if you...

1 month ago

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Community-Based Policing Is More, Not Less Likely to Violate Citizens’ Civil Rights

As the nation continues to grapple with the continued fallout of George Floyd’s death, a growing number of activists and elected officials alike are having earnest conversations about defunding and abolishing police departments in their communities.   The proposal is to replace the traditional police departments with what is being called “community-based” policing, something that...

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Governor Northam pushes to eradicate Second Amendment

As Virginians celebrated the Christian holidays leading up to Easter, Governor Ralph Northam signed a sweeping array of 45 bills and proposed amendments. On Friday, April 10, 2020, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam signed several controversial bills aimed at regulating the ownership of firearms. These bills were considered controversial for a reason, as the Second Amendment...

3 months ago

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COVID-19 and the dangers of gun laws

“Crime rate is fixing to get crazy in a few weeks. Might have to invest in a firearm.” That’s what my Democrat-voting, anti-gun brother texted to the family group chat just a few days ago. He had just found out that his employer had a full-on Coronavirus outbreak, and several of his colleagues tested positive....

4 months ago

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A Christian’s response to the media’s assault on freedom

Whenever we hear about a shooting, either in the US or in another country, it will invariably fit the media’s narrative of “a far-right extremist” with a gun. In fact, when a good guy with a gun actually prevents a mass shooting, the media is, well, radio silent. You may also notice that you rarely hear...

4 months ago

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