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As a government gets bigger, liberty gets smaller. That’s why our founders created a framework for small government—and established a Constitution to limit government interference and maximize individual freedom. Today’s revisionist history and socialist-leaning culture require that we protect the original vision for this great Nation.

Government Is Like Fire, a Dangerous Servant and a Fearful Master

A popular proverb circulating in American Revolutionary days compared government to fire, which is a “dangerous servant and a fearful master”. Fire enables life, provides warmth, light, cooking, boiling of water, destruction of diseased items; yet it also burns the flesh, it can destroy a house in minutes, and at times has even razed cities....

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Biden & Sanders: Two sides of the same democratic coin

Published on Breitbart on March 19, 2020   Former Vice President Joe Biden is the clear frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, marking a major political comeback in what started as a very dismal and lackluster campaign.   Biden has not only won the majority of delegates but he has secured the majority of...

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How 190 Judge appointees could help save America

Christians like myself sincerely care about America’s deeply rooted tradition of religious liberty, including the right to worship God in alignment with our respective beliefs, to practice those beliefs, and to keep our church organizations tax-exempt and prevent government interference. Part of the way Christians make a footprint in the political sphere regarding religious liberty...

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Why no serious Christian can support socialism

After losing by the narrowest margin in the Iowa caucus, Bernie Sanders has come back with a victory in New Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary. This victory settles Bernie — and by default his outspoken socialist ideologies — as a main contender for the party’s nomination.   We now have to ask ourselves, what should we think...

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#IAmCharlieGard in 2020

Few can forget the heart-rending story of 11-month-old Charlie Gard paradoxically teetering between the beginning and end of life—only to have his own country declare “it would be cruel and inhumane to force Charlie to suffer through further treatments that will not help him.”[1]   And so he died—never getting the right to try a...

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