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Proposed Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act threatens the very idea of America

  In late January, Rep. Brad Schneider, D-Ill., reintroduced a bill known as the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA) of 2021 in the House of Representatives. If passed, this proposed legislation threatens to destroy the civil liberties of any Americans who the empowered enforcers of such a law may wish to target, wiping away any...

3 weeks ago

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To reform and help reunite America, conservatives must embrace the Natural Law of the Founders

  The conservative movement must be reformed so that it is properly grounded in the first principles of the Founding Fathers. A crucial part of this reform must be an embrace of the wisdom of the Founders who taught us to engage the culture, and to do so as the highest priority for the movement....

2 months ago

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The specter of radical Islam threatens the Nigeria Church

  The Nigerian Church is under serious attack from radical Islamist groups, especially the Boko Haram terrorist group. To have a proper understanding of the conflict, one must note that this is part of a larger threat from radical Islam that is far from fading away. America’s so-called ally Saudi Arabia is the great promoter...

2 months ago

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The Chinese Church’s Struggle against the CCP and the False State Church

  The struggle of the true Chinese Church of Christ against the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the false state-controlled “Three-Self Church” and Christian Church Council (CCC) is one of the most important historical events transpiring in the 21st century. Since the time of Mao, the CCP has focused on trying to redirect Christians...

3 months ago

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Biden’s Imperial Power at the Expense of Personal Liberty

  Then-candidate Obama denounced the various “imperial powers” claims of the Bush administration. However, President Obama quickly embraced and even expanded upon the imperial presidential power claims of the Bush administration. But the greatest advocate of imperial presidential power in the Obama Administration was Vice President Joe Biden.   The most dangerous claims were those...

4 months ago

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George Washington Still Leads the Way

The principles laid out by President George Washington in his Farewell Address serve as the ideal guide for leading America out of its present darkness. Washington gives valuable lessons on leadership: doing one’s duty in humility and service, not in vain pride and self-glorification. Washington expresses his gratitude, reminding the nation to be grateful to...

6 months ago

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Conservative Betrayal, Natural Law and Legal Positivism

Why do conservative Republican justices like John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch shock us with rulings that clearly disregard the meaning of the Constitution? No Democratic Party nominee for the Supreme Court has been such a “surprise,” yet most Republican-appointed justices betray the Constitution’s intentions and the rule of law.   The key to understanding this...

7 months ago

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Biden’s Dangerous Call for a Return to Trans Pacific Partnership

Former Vice President Joe Biden recently revealed his economic agenda for America, and at the heart of his plan is a call to bring the United States into the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). This would return the U.S. to the failed globalist trade policies of the past three decades, which betrayed the national interest of the United...

8 months ago

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Slavery, the Constitution, Natural Law, Legal Positivism, and the Central Theme of American History

The New York Times Magazine’s The 1619 Project is part of a larger post-modern attack on the Founding Fathers and the principles of the American Republic. The 1619 Project’s thesis is that racism is the central theme of American History. Such a critique arises from the old Marxist spin on American History. The truth is...

8 months ago

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Natural Law: Foundation of the Republic

The Founding Fathers established the United States upon natural law through the Declaration of Independence. The nation must return to this foundation in order to restore the vitality of the Republic.   Natural law arises from a biblical foundation and serves as the only objective basis for universal human rights.  The Bible teaches that all...

8 months ago

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