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Slavery, the Constitution, Natural Law, Legal Positivism, and the Central Theme of American History

The New York Times Magazine’s The 1619 Project is part of a larger post-modern attack on the Founding Fathers and the principles of the American Republic. The 1619 Project’s thesis is that racism is the central theme of American History. Such a critique arises from the old Marxist spin on American History. The truth is...

2 weeks ago

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Natural Law: Foundation of the Republic

The Founding Fathers established the United States upon natural law through the Declaration of Independence. The nation must return to this foundation in order to restore the vitality of the Republic.   Natural law arises from a biblical foundation and serves as the only objective basis for universal human rights.  The Bible teaches that all...

3 weeks ago

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Woodrow Wilson – the Father of American Identity Politics

President Woodrow Wilson is arguably the most racist president in American history.   Wilson introduced Hegelian group identity politics to the nation and identity politics has haunted the nation ever since.   Wilson’s racism was rooted in the teachings of the 19th century German School of Philosophy. One of his primary purposes was to divide...

2 months ago

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Founding Fathers vs. Secular Statism

In the twenty-first century, the true, great history-making battle of ideas is not between liberalism and conservatism, although the media and political influencers on both sides make this our focus in the ring. The real contest pits secular statism, which arose from the nineteenth-century German School philosophy, against the grounding given to us by the...

2 months ago

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Trump following the Founding Fathers on Trade Policy

Trump’s America First trade policy actual marks the beginning of return to the principles of the Founding Fathers which made the nation the greatest economic power in world history. American trade policy in the Post-Cold War era has been grounded in a larger embrace of globalism by the establishments of both political parties.  The modern...

3 months ago

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