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Black Lives Matter Scrubs “What We Believe” From Website. It’s A Little Late.

Most Americans, regardless of political affiliations, would agree with the statement “black lives matter.”   Plenty of Americans, however, have been less-than-eager to throw their support behind Black Lives Matter, the far-left organization that bears the name of this truthful phrase and has also been pretty honest about their decidedly Marxist beliefs.   That is,...

5 days ago

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Is It Really Necessary to Praise Ruth Bader Ginsburg Upon Her Passing?

On Friday, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the most liberal judge in the high court’s history, passed away, initiating a tsunami of commentary, outrage, horror, distress, and grief from those on the left.   Those on the right, however, overwhelmingly seem to have opted for one of two reactions: elation and somber condolences, with...

6 days ago

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Marxists Need to Separate the Family. Americans Need to Keep It Together.

While no honest Bible-believing Christian would disagree with the statement that “black lives matter,” many Christians have been sounding the alarm about the values of the organization Black Lives Matter.   Primarily, in the regard in which they hold the nuclear family unit and its chilling resemblance to the specter we all know so well...

1 week ago

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We Are Disgusted By “Cuties,” But Should We Be Surprised?

If you have spent any amount of time on social media over the last few days, you no doubt have caught snippets of the film “Cuties” along with outraged messages about the content of the film, which started streaming on Netflix this week.   If you’ve been living under a rock (in which case when...

2 weeks ago

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Yes, All Lives Matter. This Shouldn’t Be Controversial.

I am feeling demoralized.   The reason is, like the foolish millennial small-time influencer I am, I decided yesterday to share a post addressing the phrases “all lives matter” and “black lives matter” on Instagram.   The reason was that I emphatically believe that all lives do matter. I had seen a very sweet photo...

3 weeks ago

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John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church Subject to Further Pushback for Defying State Lockdown Orders

As Christians, we are called to be subject to those in authority over us. In a republic, we are responsible for assigning authority to law enforcement and elected officials to uphold and enforce our Constitutional rights.   As both members of a republic and of Christ’s own church, it is imperative that we adhere to...

4 weeks ago

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A Forgotten 2016 Cookout Reminds Us How True Progress Is Made

When I was a little girl, I remember loving the idea that the United States was once considered a melting pot as new immigrants came from overseas to build a new life.   I grew up in San Francisco, where I thought it was maybe more like a blender with lots of different cultures and...

4 weeks ago

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Statue of Former NC Governor to Be Replaced with Legendary Evangelist

When it comes to the U.S.’s bitter ideological battle on race, it is easy to forget that, at the end of the day, there is only one solution to the issues being presented by each side as damaging to the quest for American justice: Jesus.   For Christians, it’s important to take a step back...

4 weeks ago

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Why Christians Might Want to Rethink Their Goals With Political Debate

As Christians living amid one of the most chaotic election seasons of US history, there are a great many issues that appear to be in dire need of our attention.   Religious liberty is increasingly under attack. Unborn babies are being murdered by the hundreds of thousands annually. The violence that has been raging in...

1 month ago

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Have Democrats Decided to Sacrifice All Moral Consistency At This Point?

The Biden-Harris ticket presents the American people with perhaps the most radically progressive ticket the nation has ever seen from a major party, yet  both candidates are being touted by a friendly media as “moderate.”   This pair is certainly far from moderate and sickeningly far from moral. In a time when progressives increasingly rely...

1 month ago

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