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Herman Cain Never Considered Himself a Victim

Herman Cain (1945–2020) knew what it was like to grow up poor and black in the United States. He grew up in an era where separate facilities for blacks and whites were a daily reminder of the status of black people.   Cain, a presidential candidate in 2012 and much more, died as the result...

1 week ago

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Should Christians Push Back Against the Cancel Culture?

Many Christians are afraid to speak up about their religious beliefs. Too many Christians hold the opinion that they are to passive when persecution starts. We hear, “turn the other cheek,” “render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s,” “Jesus didn’t get mixed up in politics,” “there’s a separation between church and state,” and “we...

3 weeks ago

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Goya Foods and the Glaring Contradiction of Cancel-Culture

When Robert Unanue, the CEO of Goya Foods, stood with President Donald Trump after he signed the Hispanic Prosperity Initiative, the cancel culture brigade was incensed and called for a boycott of the company. Mainstream news outlets and a cadre of Hollywood activists promoted the boycott. Of course, they were not going to lose business...

4 weeks ago

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