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Beware Progressive Christians’ Shaming Campaign  

Shaming is a powerful weapon, and it is currently being used against Christians to force them to parrot progressive propaganda. Whether it’s used by leftists with ulterior motives, or by well meaning Christians who don’t realize the damage they are causing to the church, the racial guilt narrative is slowly eroding the American church from...

1 week ago

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God Has Used Flawed People Throughout History

Last week, a committee reporting to Muriel Bowser, the mayor of Washington D.C., recommended that dozens of monuments, government buildings, and “other structures” should be renamed, “removed, relocated, or contextualized.” Among the monuments included are the Washington Monument, the Jefferson Memorial, and the Benjamin Franklin statue outside of the Old Post Office.   This campaign...

2 weeks ago

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Liberal Pastors are Eroding Christianity from Within

On August 24, Pastor Eric Mason of Epiphany Fellowship Church preached a sermon supporting slavery reparations for black Americans. Some of the measures he called for included “public repentance” for slavery, “covering tuition for descendants of slaves, and funding historically black colleges and universities.”   Though Mason’s preaching is no doubt well-intentioned, it is highly damaging to...

3 weeks ago

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